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The RJ Baxter Team at the Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is always updated with the recent residential market trends. We can assist you in the home buying process and provide a variety of Lakewood and Denver home loans. Our office is located in Lakewood, Colorado, which is approximately a twelve-minute drive from Denver.


The housing market is constantly fluctuating in Lakewood and Denver. Being aware of these changes is how we can provide you with the best deals.


Lakewood Market Update

According to the median listing price in Lakewood is currently $375,000. Over the past three years the listing price has consistently been increasing. In February 2015, the price was listed as $269,000, which is a 39% market difference. Comparing February 2017 price of $340,000 to February 2018, the cost rose 10% within twelve months.


The price per square footage has mirrored the home median listing price by increasing every year. The current price per square foot is $195, which is also a 39% increase from February 2015. This consistent rise in home listings could suggest that there is a high demand for homes in Lakewood, and the increase in the price per square footage could mean that the Lakewood real estate is becoming more valuable.


Denver Market Update from Denver also shows the exponential growth for the median listing price over the past three years. In February 2015, the median price was listed at $325,000, by 2016 the price was $369,000, and last year the price was $348,000. The current 2018 listing price is $400,000, which is a 5.3% increase from last year and a 23.1% increase from 2015.


The price per square foot in 2015 was $203 and the current price is $264. This 30% increase supports the idea that Denver’s real estate is also becoming more valuable.


Based on the consistent market trends, the housing prices are going to continue to rise. If you are in the market for a home loan, contact your local Denver mortgage lender today before prices rise again. 


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